We are proud to announce our new brushes for Platinum printing. These brushes are made by japanese traditional craftsman. You can view his interview at here. Synthetic hair is hand bound with cherry bark band and silk thread, wooden handle. We don't use the metallic part at all either. This means you don't need worry of rust and the metallic pollution.

 Normal Hair


price (w/o tax)
2 inch  4,800 yen
3 inch 7,200 yen
4 inch 9,500 yen
6 inch 14,500 yen
7 inch 19,000 yen


Soft Hair for japanese tissue


price (w/o tax)
2 inch 5,800 yen
3 inch 8,800 yen
4 inch 11,600 yen
6 inch 18,000 yen




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