Making, Marking, Mapping

– approaches to the next generation

Nov 26, 2007 - Feb 9, 2008
Photo Gallery International

Making, Marking, Mapping

– approaches to the next generation

Nov 26, 2007 - Feb 9, 2008
Photo Gallery International

  • ©Marco Bohr

  • ©Pétur Thomsen

  • ©Ryo Owada

  • ©Song Chao

  • ©Ted Partin

Photo Gallery International presents a group exhibition titled “Making, Marking, Mapping” through February 9, 2008.


Since it’s opening in 1979, Photo Gallery International has been introducing photographic works not only in Japan but also in the world. The circumstances surrounding photography has been dramatically changed by the development of new technologies; especially in the past 10 years it is whirlwind of change. Photographic way of expression becomes expanding following a development of digital technologies as well as a decrease of production such as photographic film and paper due to the new technology.


At the exhibition, works by the 5 young photographers who have varied way of expression, from China, Germany, Iceland, U.S.A. and Japan, are shown as a new stream of photography. All of them were born in the 1970’s and seem to share enigmatic sense of crisis. With such sense, they stand face to face with objects. It seems that both positive and negative thinking as well as impatience is included in their photographs. They express from another dimension about themselves and the world surrounding them in the way that is photography’s original function: record. The way they renew existing object then create their own world of photography is like mapping.


These young photographers’ works were shown at the exhibition entitled “ReGeneration. 50 Photographers of Tomorrow” in 2005 at the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland. The exhibition traveled to the venues in Milan (Italy), New York (U.S.A.), etc. Akaaka–Sha published Japanese edition of the catalogue in 2007.


The exhibition “Making, Marking, Mapping” is a selection of images of the 5 photographers from the “ReGeneration” catalogue including their recent works.

Marco Bohr
(b. 1978 Germany) Lives in London, UK
from the series “Ovservatories”


Pétur Thomsen
(b. 1973 Iceland) Lives in Reykjavik, Iceland
from the series “Imported Landscape”


Ryo Owada
(b. 1978 Japan) Lives in Tokyo, Japan
from the series of “Prism+”


Song Chaoq
(b. 1979 China) Lives in Beijing, China
from the series “Residents in a Coalmining Area” and “Coal-miners”


Ted Partin
(b. 1977 U.S.A.) Lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA