Yuji Hamada

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1979. Graduated from the Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Art in 2003. Currently based in Tokyo with works being exhibited worldwide.

Hamada experiments with a variety of unique approaches to create work that is highly conceptual yet rooted in the fundamentals of photography.

Major exhibitions include  K  , R G B, C/M/Y (PGI, Tokyo), Photograph and Primal Mountain (GALERIE f5,6, Munich). Exhibited in the Swiss photo festival Images Vevey (2014) and France’s Phot’Aix Photography Festival (2015), among others.

Major publications include C/M/Y (Fw:books, 2015), which uses the printing process as a means of photographic expression, and BRANCH (lemon books, 2015), a series created with only fallen branches found while mountain climbing in Switzerland. Primal Mountain (torch press, 2019).



Exhibitions at PGI

2019.12.12-2020.02.05   K  
2018.09.07-10.27 R G B
2017.05.10-07.08 Broken Chord
2015.08.18-10.17 C/M/Y

Pulsar + Primal Mountain



Related Exhibitions

2022.07.01-07.31 Photography? End?, POST
2021.06.20-08.15 constellation #02, rin art association
2021.01.16-04.04 浜口陽三  濱田祐史  二人展  沈潜と蒸留, Musée Hamaguchi Yozo: Yamasa Collection, Tokyo
2020.12.04-12.13   T3 Photo Festival Tokyo

Close-up Universe, Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.16, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo


80th anniversary for the Photography of Nihon University College of Art,  Photo Graffiti 3, Nihon University College of Art

2019.10.11-11.03 (RE)PICTURE: 5x 16-01, POST