Issei Suda

Issei Suda was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1940, graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1962. He worked as the house photographer of the experiment theatrical group Tenjo Sajiki, under Shuji Terayama from 1967-1970. He has worked as a freelance photographer since 1971.

He was the recipient of the Photographic Society of Japan Newcomer’s Award for Fushi Kaden in 1976, the Photographic Society of Japan’s Annual Award for the exhibition of Monogusa Syui series in 1983, the 1st Domestic Photography Award at Higashikawa for Nichijo no dampen in 1985 and his book Ningen no Kioku won him the Domon Ken Award in 1997.

His retrospective exhibition Nagi no hira – fragments of calm was shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2013.