Narumi Hiramoto


Born and lives in Chiba. Since 2016, Hiramoto creates a collage a day, clipping from the local newspaper to which he subscribes. He then uploads the work onto his personal Instagram without delay.

His major exhibitions include narconearco (Gardian Guarden, 2020), PGI Summer Show 2019 “mono/tone” (PGI, 2019), What We See, When We Pause (Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, 2021).


Exhibitions at PGI

2021.8.16 10.2 Good News
2019.7.10 8.24 PGI Summer Show “mono/tone”



Related Exhibition

2021.1.23 2.14

What We See, When We Pause,  Azamino Photo Annual, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino

2020.2.29 3.12 LYNXLYNX, QWERTY, Tokyo
2020.2.18 3.14

narconearco, Guardian Garden, Tokyo

2019.3.19 4.20

The 20th “1_WALL” Photography Exhibition, Guardian Garden, Tokyo