SATO Shintaro

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1969. He graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1992. He joined Kyodo News as a staff photographer after graduating from Waseda University, School of Letter, Arts and Sciences, in 1995, and has worked as a freelance photographer since 2002.

His work is themed around the distinctive atmosphere – or the “soul” – of the land itself.



Exhibitions at PGI

2023.03.23-05.13 Boundaries
2019.02.27-04.13 The Origin of Tokyo
2014.11.07-12.20 Night Lights
2012.01.13-02.25 Risen in the East
2008.05.09-06.06 Tokyo Twilight Zone
2005.07.05-07.16 Twilight Zone, P.G.I. 10 Days Exhibition — vol. 9



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New Acquisitions, Chiba City Museum of Art


Beginning, Forever, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art


Geography / Boundaries, Chiba Foto,  Chiba City Museum of Art

2020.06.11-06.28 TOKYO 2020: Corona Spring, Communication Gallery Fugensha, Tokyo

Geography, Communication Gallery Fugensha, Tokyo


Civilization  The Way We Live Now, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea,  (tour info.: FEP)


TOKYO Before/After, The Japan Foundation, Toronto, Canada


Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO: Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.13, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum


Risen in the East, Canon EOS 5D Series: Five graphy Daikokuya Gallery 6F


The spirit of the place, Canon Gallery S, Shinagawa