Pentti Sammallahti

b. Finland

Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1950. Sammallahti began photographing at the age of eleven and had his first solo exhibition in 1971.

He has traveled in many country as well as Finland, photographing people and animals with landscapes in a dairy life with a poetic eye. He taught at the University of Art and Design Helsinki until receiving the Finnish State’s 15-year artist grant in 1991. His first exhibition in Japan was held at Photo Gallery International in February, 2003. Sammallahti came to Japan for a photography project “European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today” in 2005, and stayed in Fukushima for one month. This project had been exhibited in Japan and Europe in 2006.




Exhibition at PGI

Pentti Sammallahti -photographs-



Related Exhibitions

2022.04.02-06.12 Pentti Sammallahti, Kahitsukan, Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art