Olivia Parker

b. USA

Olivia Parker was Born in 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from the Wellesley College in 1963 with a degree in Art History, she began her career as a painter. Olivia Parker became interested in photography in 1970. She usually constructs what she photographs in the studio which are fundamentally still life. Her works with using “split toned” from 70’s to 80’s were loved by many people. She has been using a digital camera since 2000.





Exhibitions at PGI

1998.05.20-06.26 Still Life by Woman Photographers
1987.01.09-02.18 Photographs: 1976−1985
1984.10.15-10.31 Photographs: 1976−1984
1983.04.01-04.23 Olivia Parker