Michiko Kon

Born in Kanagawa, Japan. After graduating with a degree in wood-block printing from the Sokei Academy of Fine Art & Design, she went on to study at the Tokyo Photographic College. She held her first solo exhibit in 1985 with Still Life, and has focused on creating peculiar still life assemblages using anything from fish and vegetables to flowers and insects ever since. Her wildly artistic works, beautifully captured using a complex monochromatic process, exist on a plane somewhere between the real and the imagined.



Exhibitions at PGI

2018.03.07-04.28 Recent Works 2018
2014.01.08-03.01 Recent Works
2008.10.03-11.08 Platinum Print Collection
1998.11.25-1999.01.29 Photographs 1998
1998.05.20-06.26 Still Life by Woman Photographers
1997.10.14-10.31 Michiko Kon
1994.11.15-12.22 Still Lives
1990.10.16-11.16 EAT : Recent Works



Related Exhibitions

2023.03.30-06.28 The Crystallization of Photographic Expression and Technique, FUJIFILM Photo Collection Special Exhibition, Photo History Museum, FUJIFILM SQUARE
The amana Collection Exhibition, Miyota Museum of Photography
2022.05.27-06.02 Award Winner Exhibition of Photographic Society of Japan Award,  FUJIFILM Square, Tokyo
2022.01.10-01.22 México Mágico,   Gallery Kobo
2021.11.23-2022.01.30 Phila—KON Michiko, The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura Annex
2021.05.10-05.22 Michiko Kon, iGallery
2020.11.02-11.08 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Ginza Okuno Building Room 306, Ginza, Tokyo
2020.08.25-11.03 瞬く皮膚、死から発光する生, Ashikaga Museum of Art, Tochigi, Japan
2019.11.18-11.30 Michiko Kon, Gallery Kobo
2019.09.12-10.19 Michiko Kon: Cannibal Feast, Robert Mann Gallery, NY
2019.09.01-10.29 Reviving Objects, FujiFilm Square 
2019.07.08-08.16 Sleep with the Fishes, Robert Mann Gallery, NY
2019.06.07-07.27 Summer Exhibition, Michel Soskine Gallery, Madrid
2019.06.08-06.30 Immigrantes, KYOTOba
2017.08.24-10.01 Naturaleza Muerta, Fototeca Nacional, Sinafo. INAH, Pachuca, México
2017.06.22-07.29 Michiko Kon, Michel Soskine Gallery, Madrid
2017.07.07-07.31 The here in there, Salon de Vert
2017.06.17-06.25 永遠の幻想・美の幻影 Roppongi Stripe’s Space
2017.04.21-05.07 The 9th Gelatin Silver Session 2017, AXIS Gallery
2017.02.09-03.18 Birds of a Feather, Robert Mann Gallery, NY