Harry Callahan

(1912 - 1999)
b. USA

Harry Callahan was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1912. He is one of most influential photographer of the 20th century in the United State. He began teaching himself photography in 1938. After attending a lecture by Ansel Adams, he started to photograph by large format camera.
In 1942 he met the Alfred Stieglitz who inspired him to begin the portrait series of his wife Eleanor.
In 1946, he was invited to teach photography at the Institute of Design in Chicago by Moholy-Nagy Laszlo and began to teach at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1961.
He photographed the city in Chicago and in the 1970s, Callahan began to concentrate a landscape to emphasize the details of the nature such as tree, grass and beach.
Callahan was the recipient of numerous awards such as a Guggenheim Fellowship, the National Medal of Arts.
His work is in many museum and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the High Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Callahan’s archive is in the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona.


Exhibitions at PGI

50 Photographs, 1999
Harry Callahan Photographs, 1997
Color, 1995
Harry Callahan / Aaron Siskind, 1979