PGI Collection "Holidays"

Dec 10, 2020 - Jan 15, 2021
Winter Holidays : Dec 26-Jan 5

PGI Collection "Holidays"

Dec 10, 2020 - Jan 15, 2021
Winter Holidays : Dec 26-Jan 5

  • ©Kozo Miyoshi

  • ©Kozo Miyoshi

  • ©SATO Shintaro

  • ©Kazuyuki Soeno

PGI is happy to announce our Holidays collection exhibition. 2020 has been an unprecedented year filled with complications related to COVID-19. The virus continues to run rampant even now, eight  months after the government first declared a state of emergency.

     Since then our lives have been changed dramatically. Social distancing has meant that most encounters now happen digitally, forcing us to rewrite our social contracts and reshaping society as we knew it. While this shift to online business and events has ushered in some new possibilities, it’s also reminding us of the importance of direct interaction with people and things—something we may have been taking for granted.

One of the positive aspects is that for many people, more time at home has led to stronger family ties. No doubt you’ll have plenty more family time this holiday season, so how about visiting us for a little change of scenery?

     Come see snowy Chicago as photographed by Yasuhiro Ishimoto (who celebrates his 100th anniversary next year), Willy Ronis’ Paris at Christmastime, Pentti Sammallahti’s monochrome dogs with a snow motorcycle, platinum prints by Kiyoshi Yagi, color work by Shintaro Sato and much more!

     This exhibition will feature approximately thirty prints by Japanese and international photographers.



Dick Arentz

Wynn Bullock

Harry Callahan

Linda Connor

Elijah Gowin

Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Michiko Kon

Kozo Miyoshi

Osamu James Nakagawa

Beaumont Newhall

Olivia Parker

Willy Ronis

Pentti Sammallahti

SATO Shintaro

Aaron Siskind

Kazuyuki Soeno

Jerry Uelsmann

Kiyoshi Yagi