Mitsugu Ohnishi

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1952. Graduated with a degree from Tokyo College of Photography in 1974. Ohnishi was the recipient of the 22nd Taiyo Award (1985) and the 18th Kimura Ihei Award (1993).

From his debut work Wonderland 1980-1989 to his more recent photographs, Ohnishi’s work has focused on Tokyo’s shitamachi areas, the humble, working-class heart of the city which sprawl along the edge of Tokyo Bay. His work takes into consideration the spirit and gestures of those who gather in these neighborhoods. His photographic perspective is that of a gaze– placing an emphasis on the distance between the photographer and his subjects. The result is a chronicle of specific eras and the artist’s attitude toward them.





Exhibition at PGI

2016.11.2 12.22 NEWCOAST



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