Yoshihiko Ito

Born in Yamagata, Japan in 1951 and graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1977.

His works are unique contact sheets taken with a half-frame camera in which individual frames come together to form a whole image on each sheet, expressing the invisible time and consciousness shared between himself and his subjects. He has also been exhibiting his ongoing Patrone series since 2000 using a different method in which he takes slivers of time and condenses them into a single restructured image.


Exhibitions at PGI

In the Box, 2017
Time, 2010
Puddles, 2006
Bubbles of Lotus, 2004
Patrone, 2000
On the Shadow, 1998
Wind and Snail, 1996
Contact Prints: To Observe and Continue to Observe, 1994