Yoshihiko Ito

Yoshihiko Ito was born in Yamagata, Japan, 1951 and graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1977.
His works are unique contact sheets of a half size camera which express one image on one contact sheet and invisible time and conscious between subject and him on one contact sheet.
He also exhibits “Patrone” series from 2000 which is in a new and different method. He condenses a time by the slash and restructuring the image.

His solo exhibitions include “In the Box” (PGI 2017), “Time” (Photo Gallery International [P.G.I.], 2010) “Puddles” (P.G.I. 2006), “Bubbles of Lotus” (P.G.I. 2004), “Patrone” (P.G.I. 2000), “In the Shadow” (P.G.I. 1998), “Contact Print Stories” (Laurence Miller Gallery 1992).