Yoshihiko Ito

Born in Yamagata, Japan in 1951 and graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1977.

His works consist of contact sheets in which individual frames come together to form a whole image on each sheet, expressing the invisible time and consciousness shared between himself and his subjects. He has also been exhibiting his Patrone series since the year 2000. In Patrone, Ito takes a consecutive sequence of images taken in the same setting and collapses the separate moments into a single restructured image. Due to the discontinuation of the production of photographic paper, he gave up creating works of photographs and has employed the frottage method of pencil rubbing on paper around 2015.



Exhibitions at PGI

2022.03.23-04.28 Frottage —In the Film—
2017.01.13-03.04 In the Box
2010.02.18-03.31 Time
2006.09.04-10.06 Puddles
2004.04.14-05.28 Bubbles of Lotus
2000.11.06-12.06 Patrone
1998.05.07-06.12 On the Shadow
1996.09.05-10.05 Wind and Snail
1994.09.01-09.30 Contact Prints: To Observe and Continue to Observe


Related Exhibitions

2023.03.30-06.28 The Crystallization of Photographic Expression and Technique, FUJIFILM Photo Collection Special Exhibition, Photo History Museum, FUJIFILM SQUARE