Asako Narahashi

Asako Narahashi was born in Tokyo. She graduated in Fine Arts from Waseda University’s School of Letters, Art, and Science.

In the late 1980s, Narahashi took part in FotoSession workshops by Daido Moriyama. In 1989, she held her first solo exhibition Dawn in Spring. The following year, she opened the gallery 03FOTOS (1990–2001) as a place to present her own work. In 1997, she published her debut photobook NU E and in 2003 the book Funiculi Funicula, consisting of color snapshots. Around the year 2000, Narahashi began to take photographs of water. She later published them in the book half awake and half asleep in the water (2007) and continued to develop the theme in her series Ever After and Coming Closer and Getting Further Away. Following the huge critical success of half awake and half asleep in the water, Narahashi has continued to produce numerous photobooks and exhibited her work throughout the world in solo shows and themed exhibitions. Her awards include the Newcomer’s Award of the Photographic Society of Japan in 1998, the Society of Photography Award in 2004, and the Higashikawa Awards for Domestic Photographer Award in 2008.


PGI Exhibitions

2023.02.01-03.18 Dawn in Spring


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