Wynn Bullock

(1902 - 1975)
b. USA

Born in 1902 in Chicago and raised in California, USA. He performed as a leading tenor in Irving Berling’s “Music Box Revue” in NY in 1920’s. Moved to Paris to pursue music, voice training, and linguistics where he discovered works of Impressionists, Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray, and began to photograph. After returning to the U.S. by way of Milan and Berlin, studied basic photography in 1938. The meeting of Edward Weston in 1948 led him deep into straight photography. He is recognized as one of the American master photographer of 20th century.
The legendary exhibition “The Family of Man” at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1955 started with his work “Child in Forest” by which audiences were fascinated.


Exhibitions at PGI

Wynn Bullock: Photographs, 2007
Wynn Bullock Photographs, 1998
Photographs, 1994
Wynn Bullock / Edward Steichen, 1986
American Three Great Masters, 1985
Wynn Bullock, 1980
Message from West Coast, 1979