Yasuhiro Ishimoto

(1921 - 2012)

Born in San Francisco in 1921. Moved to Kochi Prefecture in Japan with his parents in 1924. After graduating from Kochi Prefectural Agricultural High School, returned to the United States in 1939. Entered the Photography Department of the Chicago Institute of Design in 1948. Studied with Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. Graduated from the Institute of Design of the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1952. Moved to Japan in 1953. Traveled to the United States, staying in Chicago, 1958-1961. Returned to Japan in 1961. Obtained Japanese citizenship in 1969. Donated archive to the Museum of Art, Kochi in 2004.


The Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (1983), The Order of the Rising Sun (1993), The Person of Cultural Merit (1996), The Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (2005)
Died at the age of 90 on February 6, 2012.