Yasuhiro Ishimoto


Born in San Francisco, Yasuhiro Ishimoto moved to Japan’s Kochi Prefecture with his parents in 1924, then returned to the United States in 1939. In 1948, he enrolled in the Institute of Design (ID), which became the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology the following year. There, under the tutelage of Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind, he received an education defined by the principles of what was called the New Bauhaus. Ishimoto moved back to Japan in 1953 to start a career as a professional photographer. His sharp, intellectual photographs were quickly recognized as fresh and original. In the same year he created one of his most famous series, Katsura. He possessed a unique gift for composition that can be seen throughout his work. In addition to Katsura, his best known series include Chicago, Chicago; Mandala; and Ise. Ishimoto donated his archive of over 10,000 images to the Museum of Art, Kochi, in 2004.


The Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (1983), The Order of the Rising Sun (1993), The Person of Cultural Merit (1996), The Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (2005).




Exhibitions at PGI

2021.06.10-08.03 Yasuhiro Ishimoto Centennial “Yasuhiro Ishiimoto”
2012.05.08-06.16 Chicago, Chicago
2011.11.07-12.22 Mandala
2009.06.16-06.30 Composition
2008.06.10-07.04 Tokyo
2007.06.04-06.30 Shibuya, Shibuya
2006.05.25-06.30 On The Beach
2005.04.05-04.28 Chicago 1966
2003.09.03-09.26 Katsura Villa
2001.04.05-04.28 Faces
1998.03.03-03.27 KATSURA
1998.02.05-03.20 Flow
1997.03.05-04.25 Chicago Years
1996.02.19-03.30 Wind and Snail
1995.04.05-05.19 Recent Works: Never the Same, Ise Shrine
1992.01.10-02.21 Fallen Leaves and Crushed Cans
1989.11.10-12.08 KATSURA
1988.04.01-04.27 HANA
1986.02.03-02.28 Machi – Hito – Katachi
1983.08.22-09.08 Yamanote-Line 29
1983.08.22-08.31 Chicago, Chicago II
1982.08.20-08.31 Someday, Somewhere
1982.03.15-08.31 Chicago, Chicago



Related Exhibitions

2024.04.10-07.03 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Ishimoto Yasuhiro Photo Center 10th Anniversary,  The Museum of Art, Kochi
2024.04.14-06.16 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Sparkle,  The Museum of Art, Kochi
2023.11.31-2024.03.31 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Adeventurs in Photography,  The Museum of Art, Kochi
2023.10.07-11.11 Yasuhiro Ishimoto,  Tokyo Gallery
2023.08.22-10.22 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: My Favorite Ishimoto Yasuhiro,  The Museum of Art, Kochi
2023.04.15-08.20 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: HANA / Architecture of the Makino Museum of Plants and People,  The Museum of Art, Kochi
2023.02.07-04.04 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Early Japanese Modern Architecture, The Museum of Art, Kochi
2022.09.22-2023.02.05 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Flow: Water and Poeple, The Museum of Art, Kochi
2022.03.30-09.11 Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Town, The Museum of Art, Kochi

Ishimoto Yasuhiro Collection: Never the Same: Clouds, Paper, Snow Prints, The Museum of Art, Kochi

2021.10.05-2022.02.13 Ishimoto Yasuhiro: Leaves, Cans, Clouds and Snow Steps, MOMAT Collection, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 
Yasuhiro Ishimoto Collection: Halloween,   The Museum of Art, Kochi
2021.06.18-07.20 Canon Photo Collection, Composition, Yasuhiro Ishimoto,   Canon Open Gallery 1, Canon S Tower 2F
2021.05.22-09.20 Yasuhiro Ishimoto Collection: Katsura Imperial Villa 1981-82,   The Museum of Art, Kochi

Yasuhiro Ishimoto Collection: Nude,   The Museum of Art, Kochi


Yasuhiro Ishimoto Centennial,   The Museum of Art, Kochi


Ishimoto Yasuhiro Centennial: Tradition and Modernity,   Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo


Ishimoto Yasuhiro Centennial: The city brought to life,   Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo